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Elkin Elementary School

Our winter book fair is coming to Elkin Elementary School January 24 - 28!  We can't wait!

News & Announcements

Virtual Reset Retreat

Elkin City Schools provides this virtual reset room for students and staff to access helpful tools for managing stress when things become overwhelming.

COVID -19 Vaccination clinic

There will be a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic held at the ECS Administrative Office on December 20th and then every three weeks after that date.

In the Spotlight

On Monday, January 24, we’re launching our Books Are Fun Book Blast program to the entire school.  Here’s why we’re excited:

1.  Every student is guaranteed at least one, brand new, age-appropriate book.
2.  Students earn fun rewards just for participating in the ‘Treasure Hunt’.
3.  Every homeroom teacher can earn $100 toward classroom supplies and/or books.
4.  It gives all of us a chance to celebrate some things we know are so important: books, reading, and the importance of reading at home.
5.  100% of the donations will be used for building each student’s home library and supplies for our school. Books Are Fun is GUARANTEEING at least 1 brand new book in the hands of EVERY student. It can be so much more — we need your help!

Books Are Fun!!