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Elkin Elementary School

Yearbook Sale Ends February 27!  Yearbooks are $25 and can  be purchased online or at school

EES Staff Win Grants Sponsored by Academic Foundation!

Congratulations to Vicki Blevins, Monica Fernandez, Jill Bellia, Melissa Smith, Sherry  Martin, Wendy Bullins, Jennifer Caudle, Cameron Garris, Shawna Poindexter, Jodi Sebastian, Andrea Wagoner, Kayla Simmons, Kristy Simmons and Amber Tilley.  Grant opportunities are offered in the fall and spring by the foundation.  This year there were more applicants and more grants were given.  Grants may be used for projects, materials, and other learning opportunities for students at EES. The grants were presented to the staff at their December staff meeting by Beth Shaw, member of the EAEF.